A Lifestyle Spending Analysis is more than just a “budget.” It is very important, and actually critical, to determine what your spending needs are post-divorce. We begin the process by helping you analyze your current expenditures, and debt; and then, from that perspective, we determine what your post-divorce short-term and long-term expenses will be. From this point of determination, we then can accurately project your post-divorce income and assets needs. If you are litigating, we will communicate these needs to your attorney, so that they can structure your equitable distribution accordingly. We also provide expert guidance on these issues to your attorney, and back up our proposals with Asset Sheet divisions and short-term and long-term projections utilizing the findings of your Spending Analysis and analysis of both spouses assets and income. This financial support is very helpful to your attorneys and hearing officers in making their final decision, if you and your spouse are not able to agree outside of the courtroom.