Mediation…A kinder, gentler way to get Divorced

Not every couple wants to put on the gloves and fight to the finish. Mediation is the answer if you are looking for a more peaceful method of divorce. There are many benefits to choosing mediation vs. legal litigation.

Janet Bouma has been a trained mediator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 2005.

In addition to her mediation skills, Janet has an extensive financial background, years of experience in commercial and residential real estate sales and tax preparation. The combination of these skills and experience, combined with her 24 years as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst enable her to effectively and successfully guide her mediation spouses into crafting acceptable financial income and asset solutions to their divorce.


    1. LISTEN: The Mediator, an independent third party, will really listen to your issues. Very often the real issues become hidden by the legal technicalities, the arguments between attorneys, and the legal procedural entanglements. In mediation the skilled mediator will listen to issues and goals described by the spouses themselves, and help direct them to an agreeable resolution.
    1. COST: The cost of the mediation, including attorney fees to prepare and file legal documents and the mediator’s fees, is much less than the cost of litigation. Litigation can drag on for one-two-three years! Those years spent dragging out your divorce can take its toll on you, your spouse, your kids, and drain assets that are better spent on you, your spouse and your kids!
    1. FLEXIBILITY: The mediation process is client centered, meaning that you and your spouse are in control…not two dueling attorneys. You choose your mediator. You choose the time and day convenient for you to meet. You can meet as often or little as you like.  You have the opportunity to express your feelings to each other and no one can force you and your spouse to accept an agreement. The mediator does not make any rulings or decisions. The spouses are free to craft the resolution that will work best for them. You control your outcome.

To many of my clients, maintaining a friendly relationship with their spouse is very important. Together they have had friends, family, children, and want to remain on friendly terms; mediation allows them to go through the process of divorce and achieve an outcome that is acceptable to them both. It might not be the ideal outcome for one or the other, but it is their solution, and one that each can live with.